Our antique barnwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to your home, rich in character and charm. It's a long lasting addition to any space that will not go unnoticed. We have three different options of flooring. We have our Antique Skimplaned Hemlock/Pine and we have our Antique Autumn Medley as well as Antique Oak. Flooring can be ordered in random lengths, random widths or you can specify if you'd prefer wide plank etc., give us a call to discuss different options. We are eagerly waiting to help you get started!

Barns age from weather, dust, oxidation, and oil soaking deep into the wood, thereby, creating its own patina. Patina is the quality that makes antique lumber beautifully unique. Our antique flooring and custom furniture is authentic and displays this natural unique patina, nail holes, and natural distresses.
Autumn Medley
A blend of hardwoods made up of Ash, Beech, Oak, Elm, Sycamore, Black Walnut, Maple and Cherry
Antique Oak
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