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Watkins Barn
Exceptional Condition

Recently dismantled is this 48' x 50' barn which is in exceptional condition. The timber frame bents have 7" x 7" beams ready to be reassembled. Rarely do you find a complete structure so well maintained that all the bents are useable and in good shape.

This well maintained post and beam frame and original rafters is being offered for $39,000.00 which does not include delivery or set up.

Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone would prefer to have these beams remain as a frame, simply stated because of their condition. We feel it would be a shame to cut them.

This barn frame was constructed with hewn hemlock in 1828 and is approximatly 28' x 48'. Prices are frames only with original rafters. All frames are dismantled, tagged and blueprinted for re-assembly. Prices do not include sills, sleepers, joists, or delivery.
Snake Creek Barn
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